Day One of Klaine Week! :D

Right well, I wrote this for Klaine week, day one… bb!Klaine!

I wrote in phonetic three/four year old bb language because I felt all the cute things when I did that instead of normal words, lol. 

Blaine is like three going on four and Kurt is four. 

The tiny curly-haired boy was crying. He wrapped his arms around himself and hid in the pink playhouse at the back of the classroom.

The laughter of the other children rang in his ears and his cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

He hadn’t meant for it to happen. He had just been playing like everyone else, when he felt an old familiar warmth seeping into his shorts. He had been having so much fun he hadn’t even realized he needed to go toilet!


He wasn’t used to remembering, at home he was still learning to remind himself to go after naps and eating and before he went in the car for a long time.

But now he had gone and had an accident in front of everyone and that mean kid David had shoved him and he didn’t want to play anymore and he didn’t want to tell the teacher in case he got in trouble.


The more he thought about it, the more he got sad. No one wanted to talk to him now and when his Mommy came to pick him up he would still have wet pants and he would be in big trouble, but he wanted to go away from here so the kids will stop laughing. He rubbed his eyes but tears still fell.


Kurt was building a block tower on the far side of the room, away from everyone else, for his Power Rangers, when he heard an eruption of laughter from the group of other kids. He sighed and wondered what could be so funny and wished he wasn’t so shy so he could find out. His Mommy promised him he’d get friends as soon as he started but it had been a whole week and nothing changed.

Even one of other boys had said he sounds like a girl.


But Kurt didn’t mind so much, he liked to play with his Power Rangers and organize weddings for them and build them mansions made from blocks.


It wasn’t until he had built a whole side to his block mansion that he heard it.              A soft whimpering coming from the big pink playhouse. The kids were still laughing and Kurt didn’t feel like joining in on a joke he didn’t get, but the noise from the house was really sad, like when Kurt fell and cut his knees up and it stung really bad and he had cried, or when he lost his Daddy in the store on the cereal aisle and thought he would have to live forever in a box of cereal.


Curiosity took over and he ventured to the house. He had always thought it was pretty but the girls never let any boys in usually, which was a shame because Kurt knew some really good tea-party games.

It had two windows and a door but the door was closed and the red polka dot fabric windows were pulled shut. He was just about to open the little purple door when a voice shrieked,

“Don go in there, he peed his pants!” It was a girl who said it, one of the mean ones who never let him in the house.

“I dun gotta do nothing you say. He’s sad.” He stated proudly, swinging the door open and marching inside, slamming it with as much force as his little arms could manage.

The house was even nicer inside; it had a table and a tea set and cushions to sit on. On one of the cushions, a little boy was curled up in a ball with his head hidden.

“Go ‘way.” He mumbled, hiccupping.

Kurt blinked, hurt by the boy’s immediate dislike for him. He ignored it and sidled closer, unsure of whether he should leave or not.

“My name is Kurt, what’s yours?” He tried.

This time the boy looked up and Kurt almost gasped. His eyes were honey brown and shining with fresh tears, his face streaked and his lip quivering. His hair was a messy mop of black curls and he was much smaller than Kurt was.


“Why you so sad?”

“’Cuz…I had a…a accident…” He straightened his legs and indicated to his shorts.

He winced, waiting for Kurt to make fun of him, but instead he saw the boy’s expression turn sad.

“That’s ‘kay. I thought maybe you was hurt or somethin’. Why don’t you wanna go back out to eberybody else? Why you so sad about it? It’s not a big deal.”

“’Cause..Well..” Blaine’s breath hitched as tears spilled over again. “Eberybody’s making fun cuz, I had an accident, and no one will talk to me!” He cried, snatching up a cushion and burying his face in it with a sob. Kurt wasn’t sure what to do then, if it was his Mommy she would pick him up but Kurt didn’t think he was big enough to pick up Blaine even if he was littler than himself. Instead he sat down beside his new friend and put one arm around him like his Daddy did which made him feel safe. If only he could think of a way no one would make fun of Blaine, because that’s what was making him so sad.


“I got an idea! Be right back!” He leapt from Blaine’s side and dashed out the door of the playhouse.

He ran to the dress up box as fast as his little legs would carry him and threw it open and tugged out a very frilly pink dress he’d seen Carrie wearing once and had really actually thought was quite pretty. He shucked off his own shirt and jeans and pulled the dress on over his head, getting a bit caught up in it halfway through. He could hear the other kids snicker and laugh as he found sparkly shoes and a bow that clipped in his hair.

With not a minute to lose he ran back in his new attire to the pink house.

“Blaine! Come on! This is my idea!”

Blaine looked up and giggled at his friend. He was covered in pink and sparkly things from the girls’ dress-up box and looked very silly indeed. His icy blue eyes twinkled and he held out a hand for Blaine to take.

“Now they can laugh at us together, you not alone!”


Blaine needed no more persuading and took Kurt’s hand, which was a little sweaty and sticky but nice too. He locked their fingers together and they emerged from their little house to a chorus of laughter.

“Kurt looks like a lady, he’s wearin’ girl clothes!” David shouted, laughing and dancing about. The other kids said mean things too, but Kurt just ignored it and strutted around in his new outfit, hand in hand with Blaine.

"You gotsta have a crown too, Princess!" Another boy, Graham, teased. He threw a glittery tiara from another dress-up box to Kurt, who caught it. The kids all laughed but he put it on his head without hesitation.

“How do I look?” He asked Blaine, with a toothy grin.

“Like the prettiest princess ever.” He replied.


Miss Jean, their teacher, noticed all the commotion and made her way over.

“Girls and boys, playtime is almost over and then it’s home time…so…Kurt, what are you wearing?” She suddenly noticed the little boy, who at first glance she thought was one of the girls, in a princess dress, sparkly silver shoes, shiny tiara and a clip in bow.

There was more laughter from the group, and Blaine’s brow creased.

“He did it for me!” He confessed. He didn’t know if Kurt would get in trouble for wearing girl’s clothes (he didn’t see why he should get in trouble for that) but he wanted to make sure Miss Jean knew what he had done.

It was then the teacher saw Blaine properly and noticed his shorts.

“Oh, Blaine. Did you forget to go potty earlier?”

His little cheeks flushed red as he nodded slowly. A few of the mean boys sniggered but Miss Jean looked at them sharply.

“None of that, please. Everyone go take your seats.” She extended a hand.    “Blaine, honey, you can come with me and we’ll get you cleaned up.”

The curly-haired boy obediently took her hand and was led to the bathroom.


Kurt smiled, even though everyone was still looking and laughing at him for being in girl’s clothes, he preferred when they did that instead of laughing at Blaine, his new best friend.




When Blaine returned, Kurt had changed out of his pretty outfit because it was almost home time. He had gathered all of his Power Rangers and his books and put them in his blue bag. He decided after today he would ask his Mommy and Daddy for a pink bag instead, since that was his new favourite colour.


Blaine had a pair of different shorts on and looked much more comfortable.

Kurt and Blaine sat next to each other until the bell rang and they had to walk in a line to get picked up by their parents.


“Daddy!” Kurt was happy his Daddy had come to collect him today.

“I have a best friend Daddy he’s the bestest friend ever!”

Burt chuckled at his son’s enthusiasm.

“Oh wow, he sounds great squirt. I wanna meet this friend!”

“He’s…He’s…” Kurt began to look around the quickly dispersing crowd for Blaine. He was sure he had been at the coat hangers a minute ago, getting his coat on. “He didn’ say bye to me!” He wailed.

“I bet his Mom or Dad just came early for him, it’s okay little man. You’ll see him tomorrow, and I can meet him then!”

Kurt seemed happy with that and rubbed his eyes with a tired fist. He lifted his arms above his head in a wordless request to be picked up. Burt scooped his four-year old son and Kurt rested his head on his shoulder, taking in the surroundings.

He was almost asleep in the five minutes to reach the car, but a loud woman’s voice jolted him awake.

“These are new shorts Blaine, really, your Daddy bought them especially for school, you simply must be more careful!”

“It w-was a accident Mama!”


Kurt peered over his Dad’s shoulder to see a lady who looked like his Blaine, but she looked angry and was talking into an open car door which must mean his Blaine was in there. He felt bad that his friend was in trouble.

The lady closed the car door and got in the driver’s side. It made Kurt’s tummy hurt to think about Blaine being sad or in trouble ever again.

He wanted him to be his Blaine and never ever sad again, even if it meant everyone got to laugh at Kurt instead.

 He didn’t mind what happened, as long as he had Blaine.

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