us and fun. tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m cry!!!!!!!!! we got ages with them and had some laugh (i’m the one with dark brown hair in the fadey-black grey jumper, beside andrew) 

hahaha jack is cut out of this one -

we talked about chocolate bunnies, and the fact that they should take out their chocolate bunnies that they got off another fan and just eat it sensually for three minutes of the set, instead of a song. i asked jack was he feeling better and he said yes and nate was like “i’d say we’re almost definitely going on tonight” haha and then jack said that is if andrew doesn’t fall over and then somehow we got into some kind of discussion about if andrew falls over and it went something like this

nate: “andrew’s got legs for falling” 

me: “yeah they are long legs alright”

andrew: “i better try not fall”

me: “that’s okay, i fall over a lot too.”

jack: “yeah but if andrew falls he won’t break an ankle or leg or whatever, he’ll literally just hit his head and die-“

me: “woah. woah man”

andrew: “no he’s right it’s a long way down” 

crying laughign

we talked about drinking in ireland and we wished them a good show and that we couldn’t wait to see it. 

the show was incredible. we had a private box which was close to the stage and did some serious interpretive dancing. i’d give you a run down of the concert but stress. just know it was incredible and very special for me. i teared up during stars, the closing number. 

 and then i was lucky enough when i went up to see my dad afterwards (who is production manager of the show) the boys were leaving and i told them it was the best show i’d been to all year and i told them something i’d been thinking all night.

"when my all time favourite band my chemical romance split up this year i was at such a loss at what to do. but tonight i finally felt that weird connection you get at seeing your favourite band live. i forgot all my problems, if for a while"

they were super humble about that and seemed really awestruck or something, and they had to leave sadly (flight to edinburgh) but they were genuinely so nice about it and said they couldn’t wait to come back, and they used my name when they said goodbye which made me feel extra special. i absolutely love them and as i said before, my love for mcr will never be replaced but i haven’t felt this way about a band live since i last saw mcr in 2011. not to mention fun. are some of the nicest guys i’ve ever met and i’ve met a lot of bands.

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